“I work at a grocery store and had a customer buy a case of these tortilla chips. He raved about how much he liked these wonderful chips and how he called family in Kansas to see if they could get their Kansian paws on them. I discount most tortilla chip fanatics immediately. However, I enjoy an occasional tortilla chip and am quite fond of green chilies so I rolled the dice. I forgot about the purchase almost immediately. Until. Today. I came home and my lovely girlfriend said she tried ‘those chips’ and they were ‘pretty good’. I tried the glorious triangles of tastebud pornography and I’m currently leaving her for calling them ‘those chips’. Your product is life changing. It would be irresponsible, dare I say an atrocious to not dedicate your lives continuing to not only produce this magnificent flavored corn treat. But I request you manufacture one of those drive through bank vacuum tube delivery systems directly to my living room. I appreciate your consideration in this matter.”



“Hello fellow Texans. I found your tortilla chips at Kroger in Fort Worth. I started with the Very Verde and then the Hatch Chile. Both were packed full of flavor. Then I stopped at a Kroger in Denton and found the Grilled Habanero and Ghost Pepper.

I can’t believe that your company has the balls to put out such flavorful and heat packed intensity. Thank God. I’m from Texas and like HEAT and these did not disappoint. The flavor is awesome but the tortilla chip alone is perfect in texture and flavor. It’s not just the spicy flavor, it’s the entire bag that’s full of goodness.

By the way. I would never have made the purchase if they were not non-GMO. Keep it up.”



“I just purchased a bag of your Hatch Chile Harvest tortilla chips from Kroger in Atlanta. These are, hands down, the BEST bagged tortilla chips I have ever eaten. Holy cow…NEVER stop making these things. Yum. Thanks!”



“Hi my name is Abigail and I’m From Pasadena, Texas and I recently purchased some Cowboy Ranch Paqui Tortilla Chips at my local Kroger and they were the only bag they had. When I got home and tasted them I fell in love they are sooo good. I love that they are so light and crunchy with a great ranch seasoning that left me wanting more but I sadly couldn’t find anymore at any Kroger near me. I literally cried. I searched for a website and found paqui.com and found this email and I need to know if I can get more chips please. I hope you can respond because I’m obsessed with these chips and need more.”



“First, these chips are the best chips I have ever had. They are perfect. Especially the Haunted Ghost Pepper. I am needing more. These chips are a chip lovers dream and the ghost pepper chips are a chilihead chip lovers dream come true!!!”



“Last weekend we noticed a display of Paqui chips at our local Kroger store in Ft Worth and picked up a couple bags to take home. They may have been the best chips we’ve ever had so we went back today only to find the display gone and no Paqui Chips in sight… anywhere! Can you tell me where you sell your product in the Ft Worth area anywhere close to TCU? Thank you very much. P.S. Please don’t tell me I have to drive to Austin cause I actually might… seriously.”



“OMG we just discovered Paqui Grilled Habanero Tortilla Chips! Having been addicted to a national brand, we have been searching for a suitable spicy replacement. Not only do these have the desired fiery KICK but they are all natural and sooooo much better than the other brand. An entire bag devoured yesterday and 6 more bags purchased today. Thank you Paqui!”



“Love, love, LOVE your chips!!! Tried the Haunted Ghost Pepper flavor, was NOT disappointed. I love the little disclaimer on the back, found it quite funny. Keep up the good work!!”



“I finally received my Habanero Chips! They are super awesome! Great on the heat and they make great nachos! 5/5! Maybe one day if I’m man enough, I can try the Haunted Ghost Pepper chips.”



“You have honestly done it again!!!! These Grilled Habanero Chips are so good. I can’t quit you Paqui! Greetings from Seattle.
PS. I still have 3 bags I’m rationing until you release the Hatch Green Chile flavor again. Wait…on 2 now. Oh so good.”



“Oh. My. Goodness. I am paralyzed by the deliciousness I am enjoying now. I don’t think I’ve ever had chips this good before in my LIFE!! (And I’ve had LOTS of tortilla chips!!!) Wowzers. This is GOOOOOOOOOD stuff. Really good stuff!”



“I just purchased your Paqui Tortilla Chips Haunted Ghost Pepper from Whole Foods in Long Beach, CA and I had to contact your company and say THANK YOU!!!! I am in a state of profound ecstasy eating these chips. Your chips are straight legit and I am eager to try the rest of your products. I will definitely tell all my friends, family and clients about your delicious tortilla chips. Thank you and you have created perfection and gained a loyal fan.
P.S. Please never go out of business or discontinue the Haunted Ghost Pepper Tortilla Chips. ☺”


“Hello, to whomever reads this!!!! I just purchased a bag of your Paqui Hatch Chile Harvest chips here in Wichita, Kansas at my local Dillons Kroger store. I just wanted to let you know I found my new favorite chips!!! Please continue bringing a little piece of Paqui to every little town in world. Love, peace, paqui!!! :)”



“I am in love with these chips!!!!! Awesome! Also love the fact that they are gluten free & Non GMO. What a wonderful find! ”



“Hi, my name is Becki and I’m writing from Baltimore, MD. I recently bought a bag of your chips while in Dallas a few weeks ago, and they were amazing but now I want more and can’t find them anywhere locally, plus I’ve scoured the Internet to no avail. How can I get a bag shipped over to the east coast on occasion?! Love your products-so happy they exist. I look forward to hearing from you!”



“The federal government is going to have to regulate these products due an excessive addiction to the most awesomest chips ever recorded in chip making history… p.s. I love you.”



“My wife and I recently had the fortune to pickup a bag of your chips at a local Kroger. The Hatch chips are some of the best corn chips we have ever had. We lived in New Mexico for several years and love anything Hatch chile. Your chips did not disappoint.

We live in an era and country where buying food that is made of natural, whole ingredients—and lacking what we lovingly refer to as “food science—is nearly impossible. It is comforting to know that a company with your ideals and ingredients still manufactures food inside the US-of-A.
We’re planning to go back to Kroger and buy out every last bag of the Hatch they have, and will be on the lookout for Paqui in the future.
Kudos! And keep on roasting, Yum!”



“I have MS which affects the central nervous system. When I eat foods that are packed with preservatives, GMO ingredients and MSG my nerves go haywire. Your chips are the absolute best! It’s what chips are supposed to be! Thank you so much!!!”



“I took a couple bags of Paqui Roasted Jalapeno Tortilla Chips to a friends campsite recently. There were 4 boys around 10-14 yrs old and they had already opened some Funyuns and chili cheese Fritos. No BS, they emptied the Paqui bags first.”



“KILLER chips! Thank you for not shying away from a bit of heat. If anyone complains about them being too hot, then they don’t need to be eating friggin’ habanero chips! Seriously, keep up the good work (and don’t tone-down the heat).”



“Oh my goodness. Picked up a bag of Paqui chips last night. I am raving about them. Delicious! Best chips ever! I am PAQUI!”



“Holy cow! I am so glad I decided to give your Hatch Chile Harvest chips a try when I saw them on display at my local Kroger store. They are the bestest chip – ever! Please, please tell me they’re not really limited edition. Don’t make me turn into one of those weird chip hoarders.”



“I ordered a mix of all your chip varieties and they were simply awesome! Put them out at a 4th of July party and they went like hot cakes. Light, crispy and delicious corn flavor. Best corn chips I’ve ever had. The Ghost and Habanero were so addictively good. The Verde and Ranch had crazy great flavor. Thanks for the great chips- PLEASE make more. I will buy again and again and again.”



“Just wanted thought I’d drop you guys a line. I never do this, but I absolutely love your chips. I’ve only had the Jalepeno and Habanero so far, but I buy them every time I go to Whole Foods. Since discovering them, I’ve probably personally eaten upwards of 60 bags myself, and I promote them all the time to friends and family.

Anyways, now I’m known as the Paqui guy. “



“I just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate your chips! My favorite flavor is the Hatch Chile Harvest, but they all are so delicious and they make my day great! Thanks for being unique and flavorful like no other chips! I try and tell all my friends about Paqui Tortillas because, otherwise, they’re missing out.”